It's hard to get excited about digital photo frames, but Kodak has actually done an excellent job of it with the KODAK PULSE. Yes, it's a frame like all others - 512MB storage for 4000 odd pics at the 800 x 600 resolution the 7-inch LED screen can display - but this one's all internet connected too.

It works over Wi-Fi and automatically updates its photos according to what's put in your Facebook gallery or your Kodak Gallery space. You can also e-mail images direct to the frame itself or update over your home network.

All in all, a pretty excellent idea for giving to parents who live a long way a way so they can receive regular updates on how their grand children are getting on. It's also apparently perfect for those moments when you want to relive you and your girlfriends enjoying cake.

The KODAK PULSE is out at the beginning of April 2010 for £110 and will ship worldwide in all its capped-up glory.