Kodak has announced a new touchscreen enabled digital camera at CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The new model, called the Kodak Slice will feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen display on the back, come with a 14MP CCD sensor and 5x Schneider-Kreuznach lens, and like the Sony Cybershot offerings lets users search up to 5000 images that can be stored on its internal memory.

Getting down with the social networking space, users will be able to press the standard Kodak share button to have the camera automatically share with Facebook, Kodak Gallery, Flickr, YouTube sites and e-mail when it's next connected to a computer.

Video comes in the guise of 720p/30fps HD video capture and Kodak’s Smart Capture feature, will, according to the company "analyse scenes and automatically adjust camera settings to deliver beautiful pictures more often". The Slice also offers built-in optical image stabilisation.

The Kodak Slice touchscreen camera will be available in black, nickel and radish for $349.95 beginning in April 2010. Best Buy will initially be the exclusive retailer for in-store sales. The Kodak Slice touchscreen camera will also be sold online at Amazon.com and Kodak.com. 

UPDATE: it will cost £299.99 in the UK and be available from April 2010.