It's all about perspective with these smartphone photos

Who needs Photoshop? With a little perspective, you can just make the famous Beatle's Abbey Road image come to life. (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Harry Potter has had a bit of a mishap and crashed his broom into the ground. Oof. That's going to hurt.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Forest Gump is now conjured up as if by magic sitting on a bench contemplating life. The small child sitting nearby is clearly hoping for a sneaky snack.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
With this one, enjoy the idea of a car company using a cheerful zebra as its brand logo rather than a stallion. (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Here Yahav Draizin has made the classic Microsoft Windows wallpaper come to life.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Imagine the scene if King Kong was loose on the Empire State building and you were there to snap a photo. (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Austin Powers might have driven a Jag, but that doesn't stop this image from being both convincing and amusing.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
One of the most famous oil paintings of the American modern age, American Gothic, now features America's most well-known cartoon couple.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
This panda is not best impressed with the kids dabbing, but we're certainly impressed with the resulting photo.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
With this photo, we get to see the illusion that Big Ben has been replicated in Tel Aviv. From this perspective, it's a perfect fit too.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
From Spongebob Square Pants world comes Mr Krabs stepping into our world with a shocked look on his face. (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Here Yahav Draizin has made it look like it's all Tom Cruises' stunts are just green screen work after all.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
We enjoy the perspective of this one, like Van Damme is just busy posing for photos on railway tracks.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Although the background might be off, the positioning of this image of the dude and a young bowler make for an amusing and convincing photo.  (image credit: Yahav Draizin)
Though once again the backdrop might not match, the sofa nearly does and we can happily imagine Ted sitting on this couch. (image credit: Yahav Draizin)