Fantastic street artist transforms the world with incredible pixel art

Even Sonic the Hedgehog needs some downtime from chasing rings and fighting Dr Eggman. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Luigi looks fairly cheerful considering he's plummeting off the side of the road into the waters below. Totalled automobile will be the least of his problems.  (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Guybrush Threepwood is not above a good adventure and a spot of fishing too it seems. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
The most famous feline to ever grace the web might no longer be with us, but they're still here in pixel form. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
We all enjoy a spot of Mario Kart. Imagine if you could race on real beaches and turn the entire world into your race track. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Run! There are some tiny but gruesome-looking zombies loose on the lawn. What are their plans? Let's not stick around to find out.  (image credit: @pappasparlor)
It's great to see the classic Simpson's meme recreated in wonderful pixel art - Homer Simpson backing carefully through a hedge to avoid the neighbours.  (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Even a tiny, tiny version of the green-skinned Marvel superhero packs a serious punch. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Sensei Splinter looks pretty impressive in this close-up snap of him above ground guarding the entrance to his lair. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
It seems like everyone is selfie obsessed these days. Even Robocop. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
It seems that Sonic's compulsive need to collect golden rings isn't limited to virtual ones he can catch as he runs through a gaming level. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Subzero and Skorpion have taken to numerous locations on the mean streets to battle it out and see who will be the victor. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Yoshi clearly doesn't know the rule about never eating yellow snow. Mario has tried to stop him but to no avail. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
The Ninja Turtles are seen sneaking out of man holes trying to find the nearest place to grab a slice of pizza. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
Photos from Darth Vader's holiday snaps show that even one of the greatest screen villains of our time enjoys a little time by the shore. (image credit: @pappasparlor)
A little light and a brilliant location shows off a wonderful vision of Spiderman like we've never seen before.  (image credit: @pappasparlor)
A bottle of beer might not be your classic haunt for a genie, but it is an interesting one. (image credit: @pappasparlor)