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(Pocket-lint) - HTC has taken its Re camera to a prehistoric level by introducing the HTC Re dinosaur at Mobile World Congress 2015.

Until now the HTC Re was a little specific as a sort of device and that shape had us a little bemused. Now that the Re dinosaur accessory has been revealed all has become clear. As you can see the HTC Re was just the build up to this might Brachiosaurus all along.


But the dinosaur isn't just about looks good it's also functional. The Re dinosaur accessory is also a charging stand that keeps everything tidy thanks to the cable threading through his little tail. Also, since the dino fixes the camera in a balanced position it should make panning 360-degree shots, without up and down wobble, far easier.

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The little Re dinosaur takes the Re camera to another stage and gives it more reason to exist. While it's not even got an official name, price or release date yet we're excited to see HTC not giving up on its independent camera offering.

The Re dinosaur accessory appears like it will be available in a variety of colours of at least red and white. We say available, this may simply be a way to show of the Re at a tradeshow and it could never see the light of day. But let's hope that's not the case.

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Writing by Stuart Miles and Luke Edwards.