(Pocket-lint) - HTC unveiled a camera at the Double Exposure event in New York. A camera, it says, that rethinks things.

Called Re, this connected, highly portable, device will be a companion to your smartphone, looking to capture your life in pictures and video unobtrusively. 

Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC USA, introduced the camera on stage with anecdotes about his family life, a message that's reinforced by the range of accessories sitting in the corner of the show space at the launch.

HTC wants to avoid the message that this might be perceived an action camera, a rival to the recently refreshed GoPro family of devices that dominate the portable video market.

So rather than putting the Re camera on a full susser bike, it's presented nestled amongst the chromed majesty of a sit-up-and-beg city bike, complete with leather saddle.


Equally, the Re also finds itself strapped to the front of a baby buggy. No modern parent should leave the house without the HTC Re camera, to capture every moment of baby's discovery of life.

It positions the Re camera as something of a casual convenience. Sure, you could use your smartphone to capture those moments, but when it comes to attachments, sticking the iPhone on the front of your bike is hardly convenient. 

There are armband mounts, clips and a suction mount, as well as a lanyard attachment. It's an ecosystem of accessories designed to empower the Re camera. On its own it's a quirky little pocket camera; paired with accessories, it's whatever you want it to be.


It's this lifestyle that HTC is selling the Re camera into. GoPro aggressively promotes its devices with some breathtaking action video and that's a strong message, but HTC wants to avoid that comparison. 

There's strong argument for the Re camera too. It is simple to use, you get easy control with your smartphone and it will pretty much do everything you could want it to, so it shouldn't be written off in the face of the established rivals.

UK pricing has been revealed as £169.99 for the Re camera, which we think is a little high. Our first impressions of it are good, but we'll be bringing you a full review as soon as we get one. It's clear, however, that the accessories HTC are offering will widen the appeal, whether you have the baby buggy or not.

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Writing by Chris Hall.