HP has announced that it is partnering with photo agency Magnum to hold a professional photography and printing masterclass at the British Film Institute.

The masterclass will give photographers a unique opportunity to discuss photography and photo printing at a world-class level with Magnum members Donovan Wylie and Chris Steele-Perkins, as well as a forum of other photography-industry experts.

Attendees will have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by Wylie and Steele-Perkins, who will also be providing insights into how to get the most out of photography and discussing new professional techniques.

And they know what they’re talking about. Both Wylie and Steele-Perkins have had books published and exhibited around the world.

Wylie said: "I am delighted to be running the masterclass with HP. It is a real pleasure to be able to offer advice to photographers who might be able to learn from our experience".

All the speakers at the workshop will help attendees get the most from their photography, from producing the best quality prints to making their large format printer pay for itself within a matter of months. Sounds pretty good to us.