HP has launched five point-and-shoot digital cameras and three camcorders with highlighted features of "LCD displays, up to 5x optical zoom and fashionable colours", which should give you an idea of how exciting the new products are.

The "premium" HP CW450t and HP PW460t point-and-shoot digi-cams feature 2.7-inch and 3-inch LCD touchscreen displays and a touch interface. Both have 4x optical zoom and support up to 32GB SDHC cards. The HP CW450 gets a non-touch 2.7-inch LCD display with 4x optical zoom.

The V5061u and V5560u - touchscreen digital camcorders - get 3-inch LCD displays, 1080p recording and motion-detection capabilities while the V5560u features 5x optical zoom.

Finally, the HP V1020h is HP's take on the pocket camcorder and offers 720p recording, a slim design and a USB connector for easy video uploading to websites via a PC.

Prices are due to range from $99 to $199. They are expected to be available from this spring at "select" retailers.