Hasselblad may be doing a good job of boasting about it's current offerings at Photokina 2008, but it seems there's even more exciting (and expensive) things to come from the camera manufacturer.

While we're all very impressed with the 50-megapixel H3DII-50, it seems that CEO Christian Poulsen just couldn't stop himself from giving a few juicy details about a 60-megapixel camera, currently in production.

The exec said that the H3DII-60 would be available in April 2009 and that you'd be looking to pay £4,000 more than the £14,750 H3DII-50 - so that's a fairly hefty price tag.

Still the sensor provides an impressive 94% full-frame coverage, a stat that the CEO believes makes the pricing fair.

"We feel that it's important to emphasize the 94% coverage, because, although we hear the phrase 'full-frame' being used quite frequently, no manufacturer has yet achieved true medium format full-frame," said Poulson at Photokina.

Expect more details to trickle through early next year.