Hasselblad's huge 39MP H3D medium format digital camera was released around a year ago, and the company has followed it up with a slightly more affordable model, the H3D-31.

As the name implies, this second model in the range has a 31MP sensor instead of a 39MP one, which means that files sizes are slightly smaller and more manageable.

It has a 44 x 33mm sensor to capture fine detail, and has a shooting rate of 1.2 seconds per image either mobile and shooting to card or tethered to a computer.

The camera also integrates a number of processing features to make post-processing quicker; it offers Natural Color Solution, Digital Auto Correction, and Instant Approval Archtecture.

Although it reaches ISO 800, the capture rate slows down slightly to 1.4 seconds per image on ISO 400.

Available now, the H3D-31 costs £13,900 without VAT, or $24,995.