Hasselblad has confirmed the launch of the next-generation H System camera with the Hasselblad H5D. 

The Hasselblad H5D brings with it a number of upgrades and tweaks, improving the design of the camera to upgrade the ergonomics and weatherproofing on what is pitched as the best high-end system camera in the world.

The company tells us that the new H5D brings with it improved electronics with faster processors, enhanced autofocus accuracy and speed through True Focus II, as well as a completely redesigned user interface and larger display.

Hasselblad is launching a new 24mm lens for the H System (17mm in 35mm terms) along with a new macro converter, which will allow you to use the HC 50, HCD 28 or HC 35 lenses, rather than buy a dedicated macro lens. 

The Hasselblad H5D will be available in 40, 50 and 60-megapixel models. There will be 50 and 200-megapixel Multi-Shot versions too. The H System medium format cameras offer sensors approximately twice the size of 35mm "full frame" professional cameras.

The Hasselblad H5D will be unveiled and demonstrated at Photokina 2012 in Cologne next week, with a commercial release lined up for December 2012, for those interested in serious photography.