Sure, it's limited edition. And sure, it's got the legendary Ferrari Racing Shield on board.

But for 21,499 euros (plus taxes) Pocket-lint would want to be able to get in it and take it for a drive, rather than just being able to take pictures.

Only 499 of these highly exclusive 80mm lens cameras have been made, and they come presented in a handmade case within an "exclusively designed and engineered box" that has dual layers (one for the camera, and one for the accessories), has a glass top (again, with the Ferrari Racing Shield).

"This brand new model is dedicated to the new generation of photographers looking for the ultimate image quality, and will be produced in 499 units", read the official gumph.

"A winning combination, the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Limited Edition camera will have appeal to Ferrari and Hasselblad fans who appreciate the innovation, quality and design that symbolize both brands".

It will also appeal to flash so and sos with more money than sense. It's available now.