Hasselblad, a camera company that you have probably heard of but unlikely to have owned any of their cameras, has just announced a partnership with Ferrari to create a limited edition Ferrari H4D digital medium format camera.

Only 499 of them are being created, that's one less than the Leica M9 Titanium for anyone that's keeping track, and if you're ready to jump through the hoops to get one you'll be the owner of a camera that comes in Ferrari's unique colour "rosso fuoco", and bears the legendary Racing Shield.

The camera, which comes with an 80mm lens, is presented in an "exclusively designed and engineered box" with a glass top equally labelled with the distinctive Ferrari Racing Shield as well.

"I am proud of the company's achievements since the introduction of the newest generation of Hasselblad cameras, the H4 series, and feel very honoured to be able to celebrate our success together with such a precious brand", said Dr. Larry Hansen, chairman and CEO of Hasselblad, clearly keen to get pit access at the next Grand Prix.

As for how much, if you have to ask you clearly can't afford it. Move along now.