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(Pocket-lint) - GoPro has announced a new bundle for its flagship Hero 10 Black camera, called the Creator Edition.

The set includes the Media Mod, Light Mod and an all-new accessory, the Volta battery and remote control grip.

The Volta has a built-in 4900 mAh battery that combines with the Hero 10's standard battery to triple the action camera's battery life.

It features integrated buttons that allow control of the camera's main functions when used as a handle or selfie stick.

However, it can also control the camera wirelessly, so if you detach the Volta it can be used as a remote control.

The grip also has two legs that fold out to create a small tripod stand, it's a pretty versatile little accessory,

As with almost all GoPro products the new grip is weather-resistant and rugged.

While it's designed for the Hero 10, it will work with the Hero 9, too - and is capable of charging any USB-C device, such as your smartphone or a GoPro Max, for example.

GoPro is selling the Creator Edition bundle for GoPro subscribers at $581.96 / £558.46 starting today. It's a small saving compared to GoPro's current prices, but a significant saving over MSRP. For non-subscribers, the price jumps to $784.95 /  £759.95.

For the new Volta grip on its own, the price is $90.99 / £83.99 for subscribers and $129.99 / £119.99 for everyone else.

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Writing by Luke Baker. Editing by Adrian Willings.