(Pocket-lint) - GoPro is expected to unveil its refreshed action camera line-up later this month, with even more attention than usual due to a rocky period for the company.

However, it is unlikely that fans will be disappointed in the GoPro Hero 7. Thanks to a big image leak, we can see that there are three different cameras coming, with Silver, White and the usual, enhanced Black editions.

Images of a display taken in what looks like a retail outlet show the three cameras. They were posted by a Reddit user, but were soon subsequently pulled again.

If anything, that gives us more of an indication that they are genuine.

Austin Mittelstadt

With no specs, just pics, it is impossible to know all the differences between the Hero 7 editions at present. The Black has an LCD panel on the front, while the other two do not, but that's it really.

They all look like the Hero 6, to be honest, so we await actual specifications with bated breath.

One other thing we've heard about the Black is that it will have improved "gimbal-like" image stabilisation, but that's it for now.

No doubt we'll hear, even see, more rumours as we head to a launch event. We'll keep you informed along the way.

Writing by Rik Henderson.