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(Pocket-lint) - GoPro has several cameras in its lineup, including the entry-level Hero 5 Session camera, which GoPro plans to replace next year.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced in an upbeat earnings call on Wednesday that the camera is going to be replaced by a new, entry-level GoPro product sometime next year: "It's an even better form factor for that price point," he said, as quoted by The Verge. "Demand for GoPro’s entry level Session was much higher than anticipated, and will result in a sooner-than-expected end of life for this product."

He added, "[This] identifies a significant opportunity for us to expand our market with a new entry level product slated for 2018." In fact, company executives revealed that GoPro plans to launch "several" new products next year. But don't expect any of them to be AI-powered. When prodded by an analyst, Woodman dismissed such products, like Google's Clips camera, and said they have "very different use cases."

"[The Clips] doesn’t shoot video, it doesn’t capture sound," he said. "It’s generally designed for more static use cases than a GoPro." Clips uses artificial intelligence to capture moments that you might otherwise miss. But it captures soundless video, and only of things that it is trained to recognise, whether that be faces or pets. You can just plant in your home, and it'll smartly capture moments for you.

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So, while Clips allows you to go hands-free and focus on interacting with your kid or baby or whatever in a set location, GoPro clearly only sees itself as a maker of cameras that you'll want, or need, to interact with while capturing action-packed adventures.

Writing by Elyse Betters.