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(Pocket-lint) - Many little boys and girls dream about being Hollywood stunt drivers - but that profession takes a lot of money, practice, and, well, luck.

Unless, of course, they plan to use Hot Wheels toy cars instead of actual cars when testing all their burnouts and drifts. A YouTube channel known as 5MadMovieMakers has been posting slow motion compilations of car flips, twists, and jumps, such as "the Long Jump", "the Falling Roll", "the 360 Flip Spin", "the Double Roll", "the Halfpipe", "the Falling Front Flip", "the Double Jump through Hoops", and "the Splash Dive".

However, the channel only shoots Hot Wheels toy cars - like the blue Mercedes C-Class, the orange Muscle Speeder, the red Gazelle GT, the white Horseplay, the white CUL8R, and the black Gov’ner car - instead of real-life cars. And it's capturing all these stunts using a GoPro Hero Session. The Go Pro is mounted to a modified “Pharadox” Hot Wheels car chassis, and it films everything at 120 frames per second.


Although the footage is slowed to 30 frames per second in post production, both the toy cars and the camera car complete all the jumps by themselves, with minimal changes in post production. Hot Wheels have never been more awesome. Who knew you could make them look like action film set pieces? Watching a tiny toy car soar across a huge gap, with a GoPro positioned up to capture all the action, is ridiculous.

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The video below is super smooth and really makes us wish we had some of our old toy cars still hanging around.

Writing by Elyse Betters.
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