(Pocket-lint) - If you've already splashed out on a GoPro but like the idea of capturing 3D footage, there's now an affordable way to do it – the Vitrima.

The Vitrima is a waterproof GoPro case that features a split with two mirrors in the front. This means that the normal camera is seeing the world from two slightly different perspectives, just like the human eyes do. So when you capture footage using the case it will not only be in 3D but will be ready to view and share immediately.

So all you need to go 3D with your recording kit is this $50 case, which is about £35 - although this is for a limited time and it's $129 for the waterproof model. Then if you've not already got one, pick up a Google Cardboard or similar for £15 and slip your phone in to start viewing the footage. Although Vitrima is offering a free VR viewer for the $3 cost of shipping, but this is presumably US only and will only be available while stocks last.

Obviously this is a new type of solution that's not been shown off in action yet so early adopters beware. That said it's a far cheaper solution to many of the alternatives, including buying another GoPro and setting that up in a rig for the multi-perspective capture. Plus you can check out the final result in the 3D video below.

To be informed when the Vitrima becomes available you can sign up on the company's website via the source link below.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.