(Pocket-lint) - GoPro has announced its Developer Program which allows other companies to make GoPro cameras do anything they need. It will also mean GoPro can take advantage of other hardware and sensors.

Big names like BMW and Polar have already announced cars and wearables that work with GoPro.

The Developer Program has been underway, in secret, for over a year and now some 100 partners are being announced. This means GoPro cameras can offer more sensors and features, by working with other hardware. It also means apps can integrate GoPro camera for near limitless possibilities.

This move should help GoPro keep up with new developments from the competition. The Garmin Virb and TomTom Bandit offer motion sensors to incorporate data into videos, like speed while skiing for example.

Now GoPro will be able to offer the same thanks to partners like Polar. Its V800 watch already has the GPS and motion sensors to measure that sort of data and can now link to the GoPro.

BMW has also announced integration with its track cars. This will allow videos to playback car data in sync, like revs, speed, location and more.

Fisher-Price has also worked with GoPro to come up with child-friendly camera housing and mounts. These will let parents record playtime with their children without focusing on working a camera, while offering a unique perspective – from the toy's view.

Developers can connect to GoPro via the HeroBus, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Imagine using your GoPro as a home security camera as an app was developed to leverage that. The possibilities are exciting.

Expect plenty more partners to be announced to show just how versatile the newly adapted GoPro cameras can be.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.