Just as OK Go likes to push the boundaries of what a music video is, English indie rock band, Foals, has launched a 360 spherical video to accompany their new track “Mountain At My Gates”.

Rather than use a dedicated 360 camera, like the Kodak PixPro SP360, music video

director, NABIL, used GoPro's spherical Virtual Reality technology instead to mash up a number of shots so you can pan around to see what’s happening behind the camera.

In the case of this video however, rather than seeing all the crew filming, the band has been replicated multiple times with a bevy of special effects added for good measure.

We are at the beginning of what we can really do with this….it has the power to transport you,” says NABIL. "I really want to continue and see how we can keep pushing it because this is just the beginning.”

GoPro spherical content requires Google Chrome or the YouTube App on mobile devices.

To get the full experience use AWSD keys or your mouse to move around and watch a virtual reality music video like never before.