Meerkat doesn't want you using rival live-streaming apps, such as Twitter-owned Periscope, so it needs to come up with new ways to keep users interested, and it's latest attempt is a homerun.

It teamed up with GoPro to let you broadcast your action-packed adventures in real-time. Meerkat has updated its app so users can livestream from select GoPro cameras, starting with the GoPro Hero3. An upcoming update to the GoPro Hero4 will enable that camera to connect to Meerkat as well.

In order to livestream in real-time using the Meerkat app with your GoPro, you'll need to own an iPhone with Meerkat installed. Meerkat is reportedly working to add support for the feature to the Android platform in the near feature.

How does it work?

Here's how to setup Meerkat with your GoPro:

  • Connect your GoPro camera to an iOS device via Wi-Fi
  • Install and open Meerkat on your iPhone
  • Shake your iPhone to start a stream – and that’s it

Meerkat should instantly recognise your GoPro and start broadcasting. Keep in mind the current version of Meerkat’s app supports only the Hero3, but the next update should add support for Hero4.

Also, you can only livestream when your GoPro camera is within range of your iPhone.

Want to know more?

Meerkat's tweeted a video that demos the new GoPro feature. Watch it here.