(Pocket-lint) - GoPro is an interesting company.

It chiefly makes action cameras, but there's also a side business, in which GoPro is essentially working toward becoming a content company. It has content channels on a variety of platforms, including YouTube and Xbox Live, and it works with various companies and athletes to capture amazing stunts for those channels.

Last year, for instance, GoPro made headlines when it helped film daredevil Felix Baumgartner as he leapt from a space capsule 24 miles above Earth. He ended up setting a record for the fastest human free-fall, while GoPro showed the world that it was more than just a maker of durable cameras.

Now, as part of its transformation into a entertainment company, GoPro has launched a content licensing portal: "Think Getty Images, but all GoPro images and videos," the company has explained. "In a nutshell, it’s a single destination for ad agencies to discover, license and download the best of GoPro".

According to AdWeek, GoPro's new portal already features more than 600 videos from amateur and professional videographers. These videographers have entered licensing agreements with the California-based company, and their videos start at $1,000, depending on the extent of commercial use and distribution.


Anyone can apply to join too. But the idea is that only premium-quality GoPro videos will be made available through the system - and brands and companies will be able to purchase them for commercial purposes instead of forking over production expenses on a two-day shoot just to capture the same type of footage.

So, with this setup, one day you could be watching TV and suddenly realise your GoPro footage of a marathon is being used in a new Nike or Adidas commercial. Amazing, right? And the best part is you'll be paid for your work.

Writing by Elyse Betters.