Want to know how to win the net? Post video of a waterskiing squirrel of course.

That's what we have here as GoPro managed to capture Twiggy the squirrel in action during this year's summer X-Games.

The Games took place at the beginning of June in Austin, Texas and thanks to a jury-rigged GoPro Hero 4 and a very talented rodent, some great footage was captured in Full HD 1080p. If ever there was a video with "viral sensation" written all over it, it's this one.

We particularly like the added touch of putting two toy squirrels in the remote-controlled boat pulling twiggy around the pool.

Twiggy even lets go once or twice to show just how talented she is. She even appeared on America's Got Talent a few years ago, but we'll let you into a secret: Twiggy has been several different squirrels since her debut in 1979 - after all, the average lifespan of a grey squirrel is just 11-12 months. That means there has been at least 36 Twiggys waterskiing into Americans' hearts in the interim.

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Don't let that spoil the video though. It's probably one of the best filmed excursions for the furry stunt-mistress.