GoPro has announced it's buying Kolor, signaling it is getting into virtual reality.

Kolor is a French software startup that's all about creating immersive and interactive videos. The company's software takes photos and videos and turns them into 360-degree, panoramic scenes you can watch on mobile, the web, or in a VR environment. GoPro said Kolor would become part of its business next month.

Kolor's software and technology will apparently help GoPro move forward and focus on spherical media, something the action-cam maker said enables a range of "immersive viewing experiences and is an essential building block of virtual reality, a technology poised to transform entertainment, education and other industries".

Adding Kolor’s virtual reality technology is bound to help GoPro become a full-fledged media company. GoPro, which is known for making action cameras and professional mounts, has even created a 4K video to show off what happens when you combine a GoPro mount with Kolor’s software.

If you watch the video below in a Chrome browser, you'll be able to move around in the footage. GoPro's spherical videos will initially work with Google’s Cardboard system, but compatibility is expected to expand to other virtual-reality systems like Facebook’s Oculus Rift, according to Quartz.