Vislink and GoPro have joined forces to bring live wireless HD video transmission to the GoPro Hero3+Black and Hero4 cameras for the first time.

The HeroCast is a miniature transmitter that enables GoPro camera users to stream action footage as it happens. It has been designed more for broadcasters who want to add GoPro devices to their range of camera feeds, but could also technically be used by serious enthusiasts who wish to livestream their exploits over the internet.

One of the reasons why Vislink's transmitter works well with the GoPro is that it consumes less energy than others on the market. This leads to a smaller size, longer battery life and the device gives off less heat. That allows it to be matched with a GoPro camera and positioned out of the way and in multiple locations.

The HeroCast has already been used as part of the broadcast equipment for the NHL games and the X Games. It is also being demonstrated at NAB 2015, the show for the National Association of Broadcasters, currently taking place in Las Vegas.


There are two options for the HeroCast; it can come with a standalone transmitter, which works with helmet mounts, for example. Plus, there is a BacPac integrated transmitter with a three-way mount.