When NASA straps GoPro cameras to its astronauts, you know it's going to be: one, awesome; two, beautiful; three, slightly scary. And the US government agency has released new space footage that proves just that.

Astronauts recently conducted two spacewalks - or rather, extra vehicular activities (EVAs) - and made sure to bring a GoPro with them as they worked. Two videos have been released to show what went down, and as you can see, everyone survived, and now we have breath-taking views of Earth passing by.

Astronaut Terry Virts used the action camera to capture Earth while working as a space mechanic. In one of the two videos (combined in the same player, below), we can see a strapped-on view of the International Space Station's undercarriage. It's frightening to imagine working so far away and high above home.

The two-hour long footage is from EVAs 30 and 31 conducted in February, according to Jalopnik.com, which claimed the missions helped transition the station from its original configuration (that utilised Space Shuttles) to its new configuration (that uses commercial spacecraft from the likes of SpaceX and others).

In other words: the two videos are an interesting peek into the everyday lives of working astronauts in space, but because GoPro cameras were used, the footage is crystal clear and smooth and action-packed.