(Pocket-lint) - You know those dreams you have where you are falling for what seems like a ridiculously long time but invariably wake up before hitting the ground? Now you can find out what it would be like to finish the fall as incredible footage taken from a falling GoPro camera has been posted online.

Swede Kristoffer Örstadius found the GoPro lying in a field and saw that the memory card was intact. He checked it out to see if there were any clues as to who might have lost the device and low and behold, he saw some amazing footage. And in HD at 60 frames per second too.

The camera has been attached to a skydiver from Swedish club Skydive Skåne, but during a botched formation dive it has worked itself loose and started its 10,000 feet descent at a breakneck pace - continuing to film the entire journey down.

Admittedly most of the footage looks like a strangely alluring kaleidoscope as the camera spun round in the air, but it's mesmerising to say the least.

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It's also a decent advert for GoPro cameras as the device survived the fall and is now apparently back in the hands of its owner. We would perhaps suggest a new helmet mount though.

Writing by Rik Henderson.