GoPro is planning to step outside of the action camera market and into the high-flying world of drones, it's claimed.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that GoPro is currently making consumer drones, in an attempt to expand its core business. Described as multi-rotor helicopters equipped with high-definition cameras, the drones will cost between $500 and $1000 when they launch in late 2015.

GoPro is just one of many technology companies embracing the drone trend. Both Amazon and Google, for instance, announced within the last year that they started drone-development programs. While those companies want to use drones for delivery purposes, GoPro still has action in mind.

Many drone enthusiasts already strap GoPro action cameras to their drones in order to capture smooth, crisp footage, so it makes sense that GoPro would consider combing the two products in order to launch a single product that consumers can purchase straight from GoPro.

Keep in mind drone makers have also begun building more-than-capable cameras into their machines. The £300 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter, for instance, has a built-in camera that relays photos and 720p 30fps videos. Parrot also said it sold $24.2 million in consumer drones in the third quarter, up 38 per cent from a year earlier.

The GoPro team probably views Parrot's drone and other similar drones as competition. To stay ahead of them and the action camera space, and as a way to diversify revenues, GoPro has little choice but to develop its own drone. The company has also been developing a media brand as of late.

GoPro's cameras cost between $200 and $500. You can buy them through GoPro's website and through major retailers like Best Buy, and it's assumed you'll also be able to buy GoPro's drones through these avenues.

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