The new GoPro Hero4 range has arrived bringing with it 4K video that runs at 30 frames per second, so it's actually useable this time. The first video released by GoPro, shot entirely on a GoPro Hero4 in 4K, is a stunner.

Shot all over the world the video not only shows off some stunning scenery but also the range the Hero4 is capable of capturing. From low light gigs, to extreme heat shooting inside an active volcano it appears to handle anything. Underwater that curved lens delivers clear, wide shots and the 30fps refresh rate captures movements clearly.

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One thing we notice is the depth of colour, something that 4K likely helps in offering. This could also be down to the new ProTune feature which brings manual control settings for things like colour, ISO limit, and exposure.

Viewed on a 4K television it should be stunning. And from the perspective of TV manufacturers this is a great jump forward as even more 4K content is likely to start flooding YouTube soon.

The GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is also able to shoot 2K at 50fps and 1080p with 120fps slow motion. In a first the camera also comes with a touchscreen rear panel for watching back footage on the screen.

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UPDATE: Alongside the official video Philip Bloom has also been filming and playing with the new Black. Here are his efforts on Vimeo.

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