(Pocket-lint) - The GoPro app originally launched as a way to control GoPro cameras, but it did not provide a way to manage footage and photos until now.

Starting on Tuesday, version 2.0 of the GoPro app is available to both Android and iOS users. The universal update allows users to view photos and play back videos, copy photos and videos to a GoPro album on a device, share photos and videos to a device via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and browse and delete files on the camera's memory card.

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For those unaware: GoPro is a brand that makes cameras used to capture HD adventure video and photography. There is no word yet on whether Windows Phone users will get version 2.0, but it's worth noting that all users need to update their camera software to use the app update.

The GoPro app also provides users with the ability to get full remote control of all camera functions, see what their camera sees with a live preview, instantly view photos and playback videos and more. The app is compatible with all HERO3 cameras and HD HERO 2 cameras, while video mode in version 2.0 is only compatible with certain mobile devices.

Writing by Elyse Betters.