GoPro has unveiled the latest in its line of Hero cameras, the Hero3, which will be available in three flavours: Black, Silver and White.

Pocket-lint was at the Hero3 launch in San Francisco, California, to see GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman announce the product, which included an impressive promo video full of Hero3 snippets.

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It's 30 per cent smaller and 25 per cent lighter than its predecessor - making it a mere 20mm thick, or thin, depending on which way you look at it - and all models will come with built-in Wi-Fi as standard.

The flagship Black version is capable of 4K video capture at 15 frames per second, as well as 2.7K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps which will be awesome for half-speed playback glorious Full HD.

The Hero3 will benefit from a sharper lens, low-light performance claimed to be twice that of its Hero2 predecessor, and has improved sound that is said not only to be better for "natural" audio, such as conversations, but also to benefit from an improved algorithm to stifle wind noise at fast speeds.

The Hero3 Black will come with the Wi-Fi remote included as standard, which gives access to control of up to 50 GoPro Wi-Fi-enabled cameras at up to 600ft. Impressive stuff.

The Silver version is 1080p30 able and is a lot like the Hero2, albeit wrapped up in a Hero3 body.

The launch prices were detailed in American dollars: The GoPro Hero3 Black will retail for $399.99; the Silver for $299.99; and the White for $199.99.

Pocket-lint has a Hero3 plus accessories in hand and ready to play with. Keep eyes to the site for some extreme sports video action in the next 24 hours.