Fujifilm has launched a new Digital SLR camera in the US aimed at the forensic and scientific market.

Called the Fujifilm IS Pro SLR camera, the new model will feature a 12.3 megapixels as will as having the company’s facial detection software. It will also feature 5 simulation modes for daylight photography and an all metal alloy body.

According to Fuji, the Fujifilm IS Pro is the next generation of UVIR compatible DSLR and is built on the same platform as the FinePix S5 Pro digital SLR system.

Like the S5 Pro is compatible with Nikon F mount lenses and Nikon iTTL flash systems.

The new Fujifilm IS Pro camera is now available in US at the price of $2600 and onwards. The price depends on the additional accessories bought with the camera.

The IS Pro provides a 30 second live image CCD preview to the cameras LCD monitor directly from the imaging sensor in color or black and white

No news of a UK launch date as yet. We will keep you posted.