Further to the news we brought you that this was on its way, Fujifilm has now officially announced the launch of a "groundbreaking" new imaging technology, the "FinePix Real 3D System".

Launching as the world's first three dimensional digital imaging system without the need for special 3D glasses, the FinePix Real 3D system is made up of a 3D digital camera, the FinePix Real 3D W1, a 3D picture viewer, the FinePix Real 3D V1, and 3D prints.

The Real 3D W1 camera features two Fujinon lenses, a 3x optical zoom, two CCD sensors and a 3D/2D 2.8-inch LCD that Fujifilm says lets you see "beautiful, natural 3D images with the naked eye". The camera is capable of capturing 3D video as well as stills.

Features include 3D "Interval Shooting" will let users take two shots from different viewpoints continuously while the photographer is moving, for example by train or car to achieve 3D images of long-distance views that can then be manually adjusted via the "Parallax Control" function.

The twin lens design also means new features in 2D, such as dual capture, "Tele+Wide Shooting" to take a close-up photo of the subject and, at the same time, a photo with a wider span and "Colour Mode" Dual Shooting that snaps the same scene in different tones while the same can be done with different exposures as well.

As well as Fujifilm offering 3D prints with special lenticular sheets, the company will also offer a 3D photo viewer to support the camera in the form of the V1. This is an 8-inch LCD display that takes SD cards, has a USB port and will boast wireless transfer too for 3D as well as 2D slideshows.

The FinePix Real 3D W1 and FinePix Real 3D V1 will be available from September 2009. Fujifilm says pricing will be announced nearer to the date of the launch. We will keep you posted.