Fujifilm has announced the development of a new sensor, dubbed the "Super CCD EXR", that helps increase image quality.

Ten years after the first FinePix camera was lauched, the Super CCD EXR has been developed with the goal of producing a sensor that works as close to the that of the human eye as possible.

The EXR sensor is essentially a switchable sensor; changing its electronic behavior to suit the subject and changing its characteristics as the photographer needs.

The Super CCD EXR is the latest generation of Super CCD from Fujifilm. Previously, Fujifilm has worked on high resolution sensors through its "HR" technology and high sensitivity/wide dynamic range through "SR" technology. The Super CCD EXR looks to bring these two technologies together to produce one universal sensor suitable for all photography.

The Technology of Super CCD EXR offers three main changes from previous Fujifilm sensors. These are a new arrangement of the mosaic colour filter, a new method of pixel binning and a complete revision of the electronic charge control.

With the EXR, Fujifilm is looking to pursue one engineering direction, rather than developing separate sensors for high sensitivity and high resolution. The company says it expects enthusiasts to see a "quantum leap" in image quality from anything they have seen before when they introduce it to the market in future products.

No word as to when this will be, but we'll keep you updated with anything we hear.