Fujifilm and Olympus are launching a 2GB version of its compact xD-Picture Card, which doubles the capacity of the previous largest card.

The xD-Picture Card TypeM M2GB will be compatible with Fujifilm’s and Olympus' latest compact cameras.

The companies are saying that the new size also means that users will be able to capture more Quick Time Video and high-resolution images between downloads to a computer or printer.

The M2 GB enables users to take and store approximately 1000 shots (average image size of 8 megapixels).

The M2 GB Type M-Series xD-Picture Card uses the latest high-capacity storage technology based on the Multi-Level Cell (MLC*) to pack 2GB of memory onto an ultra-compact media card measuring just 25.0mm (W) x 20.0mm (H) x 1.7mm (D) in size.

The new memory card will be available in September 2006, however Olympus has warned that The M2 GB may not be compatible with all digital camera models.