Fujifilm has launched two new underwater housings for three FinePix cameras, just in time for the summer holidays.

The first is the WP-FXF30 for the FinePix F30 Zoom, which is a 6-megapixel camera with a 3x optical zoom.

It’s designed for quite serious divers, as it's pressure resistant to 40 metres. This is because the F30 is capable of low-light shooting, as it boasts an ISO range of 100 to 3200.

It also features a dedicated underwater mode that acts as a red filter to reduce the blue cast on underwater images.

And if the on-camera flash isn’t strong enough, there’s also an optional Fujifilm underwater strobe kit.

In addition, Fujifilm has launched the WP-FXA500 for use with its entry-level compacts, the FinePix A400 and A500 zooms.

This housing is robust enough to withstand a depth of only 3 metres.