Fujifilm has released the FinePix S9500 Zoom today. The camera seems to be the new flagship for Fujifilm and hopes to blur the lines between where compact digital cameras and digital SLRs meet.

Packing 9 megapixels and a 5th generation Super CCD sensor, the camera incorporates a 28-300mm (equivalent on a 35mm camera) Fujinon zoom lens with twist-barrel zoom control and a new tilting LCD screen.

The camera offer a sensitivity range of ISO 80 - ISO 1600 and a 0.8 second start-up time, and just 0.01 second shutter lag.

In addition, the camera features a 30-frames-per-second movie mode with manual zoom capability and also offers RAW mode, for uncompressed and unprocessed image quality.

FinePix S9500 Zoom features at a glance:
• New Fujifilm Super CCD sensor with 9.0 million effective pixels
• New 28-300mm (10.7x) Fujinon zoom lens with manual twist-barrel zoom control
• Class-leading sensitivity setting of ISO 1600 for photography in low light conditions
• Low sensitivity of ISO 80 for ultra-high quality photography
• 1.8” tilting LCD screen for easy high and low angle shooting
• Ultra-fast response times (0.01 second shutter lag and 0.8 second start-up)
• Real-time histogram to assist exposure settings before shooting
• Highlight Warning feature for displaying highlight areas in playback
• VGA movie capture of 30 frames per second with zoom capability and sound
• Closed unit design to eliminate dust accumulation on the CCD
• Hotshoe and PC sync terminal
• RAW format shooting for uncompressed and unprocessed images
• xD-Picture Card™ providing large storage capacity, lower power consumption and fast write speeds (16MB to 1GB capacities currently available)