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(Pocket-lint) - Fujifilm has a storied history when it comes to cameras for both personal and professional use, and nowadays has a wide range of cameras available to suit all levels of experience and to offer a range of great shots in different conditions.

One of its most recent additions to that range is the superb Fujifilm X-S10, a new member of the X range of cameras that manages to offer some seriously unbelievable photographic outputs without breaking the bank too badly. It's got some marvellous features, but is simple enough that you can pick it up and learn to use it really quickly. Before you know it, you'll be shooting the best photos you've ever managed. What makes the X-S10 so excellent, though? We've gathered seven key reasons for you to check out, below. 


1. Peerless sensor

In many ways, the key to a camera's success lies in its innards, in the form of its sensor. Fujifilm has managed to squeeze in a real beauty for the X-S10 - in fact, it's the same sensor as in the more expensive X-T4, showing that there are no corners being cut here at all. 

That's a 26-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, which gives a remarkable clean and natural look in a whole range of shooting conditions in our experience, while Fuji has also packaged in a really impressive range of film simulation modes, too, to let you shoot in natural black and white, sepia or any number of other ways, without having to do your own editing after the fact. 

2. Autofocus you can rely on

When it comes to using a modern digital camera, though, even the best sensor counts for little if the autofocus keeps letting you down in key moments. That's something you'll never have to worry about with the X-S10, which has an absolutely superb autofocus system that moves quickly and accurately to make for clear shots. 

The sensor has a stunning 2.16-million phase-detection pixels embedded in it, which pairs with the camera's whip-smart processor to let you snap to focus in as little time as a staggering 0.02 seconds in some cases, which will feel pretty much like it's instant to most users. That means you can always pull the camera out and rely on it to focus on the key part of your frame. 

3. Cutting-edge stabilisation

Another big factor when shooting photos, whether on holiday or anywhere else, is the risk of blur because you don't have access to a tripod or some fancy stabilisation rig. That's why Fujifilm included a superb stabilisation system in the X-S10, which ensures that you don't have to worry about keeping the camera stock-still.

Fujifilm has managed to jam in a motion sensor retention mechanism, which would normally be the preserve of more expensive devices, but which ensures that another level of shock absorption protects you from pesky blurring.

4. Burst mode to never miss a moment

Of course, shooting posed photos is one thing but many of us want a good camera for the spontaneous moments that are harder to predict, which is where a burst-shooting mode can be hugely useful to help you get a hard-to-time shot.

Best of all, using the electronic shutter lets you shoot in burst mode at high speed without any lost frames, which a closing shutter would normally obscure occasionally, ensuring that you never lose sight of your subject, making for better chances of landing your perfect shot. 

5. Vari-angle monitor

Whether you're shooting video or photos, it's pretty commonplace to need to be able to see what your camera's pointing at from a slightly challenging angle, which is why all the best cameras have vari-angled monitors, just like the X-S10.

It's a handy display for when you can't reach the viewfinder, and is perfect for getting a shot that might mean holding the camera in an unconventional manner, and you'll be glad it's there all the time. 

6. Incredible video quality

Speaking of video, Fujifilm has made sure that the X-S10 is also a superstar on that front, knowing how many people value high-quality video capture too. It's got full 4K power, with gorgeous 4K 30FPS footage that looks superb on review, and the option to shoot super slow-mo in 1080p, too. 

It's so easy to use, and you get great, ready-to-use footage easily saved to your SD card or direct by HDMI to whatever storage you prefer, which is super handy. Plus, that image stabilisation we mentioned above means that you can expect buttery-smooth video, too. 

7. Timeless design

Those are a host of reasons why the technical side of the Fujifilm X-S10 makes a superb case for picking it up, but we really think it's also worth mentioning how beautiful the camera is to look at and hold. Fujifilm's designs are some of the most refreshingly retro and timeless anywhere out there, and this is another in that lineage. 

The camera is beautiful and modern, but still has a clear link to older, analogue designs, and that matters to us, at least. Either way, if that all adds up to make you interested in learning more about the Fujifilm X-S10 you can check out the full details on Fujifilm's website here. You can find it available on Currys/PCWorld here.