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(Pocket-lint) - Say hello to the high-end compact king. The Fujifilm X100F is the fixed-lens compact in its fourth-generation form, which brings a new layout, enhanced focus system and 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor to the series.

Core to the X100 series is its 35mm f/2.0 (equivalent) lens and hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder. The finder's wider-than-100-per-cent field-of-view is handy to predict what's coming into the frame, while an electronic overlay can be used to display not only shooting details but also a fully electronic view - which is ideal for a rangefinder-style digital focus window to the bottom right-hand corner. In the X100F the refresh rate has been upped to 60fps for less stutter and even better low-light performance.

Fujifilmfujifilm x100f revealed the fixed lens compact king returns with a 1249 price tag image 7

If you're well versed in the X100 then you'll notice the X100F has a new focus lever to the rear, used to make quick adjustments to the focus point that's in use. There's also a new ISO sensitivity dial stacked within the shutter speed dial, adding yet more control at your fingertips.

The autofocus update is perhaps the X100F's biggest new feature compared to the X100T. There are now 325 focus points, available in a 91 point arrangement, 49 of which are phase-detection points arranged to the centre 40 per cent of the focus area.

The new X-Trans sensor arrangement means the X100F has no low-pass filter for optimum sharpness, while the sensor's colour array arrangement is different to a conventional sensor to avoid any issues with inaccurate colour or moire. The 50 per cent increase in resolution - the previous X100T model offers 16-megapixels - has been countered with doubled data read speeds to ensure fast operation.

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Now six years into its reign as king of the fixed-lens compacts, the X100F looks like a great update to the series. It's also a pricey one, at £1,249. That's a huge 25 per cent price hike compared to the X100T. Think it's worth it? The camera will be available from 16th February 2017 in black or silver finishes.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 18 January 2017.