(Pocket-lint) - In tech it seems that tacking an "S" onto the end of a product means "it's new, it's a bit better than the last one, but not by loads". We only need to look at Apple and the annual iPhone updates to see that. Now it's the turn of Fujiiflm with its X-E2S, a compact system camera that updates on 2014's X-E2 model.

And the changes are slight rather than major, as is befitting of its name. The design of this system camera is largely the same as its predecessor, but with a slightly redesigned grip and body shape for even better hand-holding. There's also a higher resolution and faster-responding viewfinder, now with 2.36m-dots across its organic EL panel.

The majority of changes come under the hood. An updated autofocus system, as pulled from the X-T10 model, sees the X-E2S perform better than its predecessors, even though it's utilising the same 16-megapixel sensor as seen in its predecessor (not the X-Trans CMOS III of the also-just-announced X-Pro2). But seeing as we thought the X-E2 had some of the best image quality from any system camera (save for the higher ISO settings) that sets the X-E2S in good stead.

Elsewhere the X-E2S can shoot at up to seven frames per second (7fps), has seven function buttons (one of which houses a full auto mode activation), Q button customisation, and there's an electronic shutter which can snap at up to 1/32,000th sec. 

Overall the X-E2S looks like a promising replacement to the X-E2, but certainly not a revolutionary one. The price might be its real appeal though, as it will cost £549 body-only when it goes on sale in February. The kit option, with 18-55mm lens, will cost £749.

Writing by Mike Lowe.