Fujifilm has launched its X Signature program in the UK, letting customers re-skin their existing camera for £129.99, hoping to spawn a bit of creativity.

The Fujifilm X Signature is available for the X-Pro1, X-E1, X100, X20, X10 models, to send to the company for personalisation. Fujifilm has launched a website where customers can choose colourful and textured leathers. X-E2 and X100S models will be added shortly.

Fujifilm will send you a pre-paid package, and it's promising a two week turnaround time once it receives your camera. Past a new look, your camera will also get a free performance check and cleaning. It’ll be returned in an X Signature box with your chosen skin applied.

The X Signature program also extends to new camera purchases. On top of the price of the camera you're purchasing, Fujifilm will tack on another £99 for the customised design. 

Fujifilm told Pocket-lint it will be adding new textures and colours regularly, and also extending which models X Signature is available on.