Fujifilm has a new X-Series camera to unveil, teased in this picture on its site. The big day for the full reveal is 28 January but there's plenty to deduce from the picture before then.

The basic layout of controls, shape and lens suggest this will be very similar to the the Fujifilm X-E2. But this new model should be a more expensive version than the £799 X-E2, owing to a few extras.

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This Fujifilm X-T1, as rumour is calling it, features a different viewfinder from the X-E2. This electronic viewfinder is in a different position, more like an X-Pro1, and looks fully weather sealed like the X-E2.

The X-T1 will have the same interchangable X-mount lenses as the rest of the cameras in that series. It will probably feature the same 16-megapixel X-Trans CMOS II sensor as the X-E2 meaning super high quality shots.

So how much? Based on the X-E2 price, we would estimate this new model should go for around the £1,099 mark for body only. We'll know for sure on 28 January.