(Pocket-lint) - When Fujifilm unveiled the X100 high-end compact in 2011 the company not only redefined its image, it also released a corker of an advanced, fixed-lens compact camera with enviable technology inside. And in 2013 it's set to do it all over again with what we're anticipating will be the unveiling of the Fujifilm X200. Other sources suggest the camera will be called the "X100s".

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There's no official announcement or firm name as yet, but our web-crawling eyes have crossed paths with a FujiRumors article which shows an F11 magazine review apparently confirming an X100 replacement complete with X-Trans CMOS sensor.

It doesn't stumble around its words either, stating: "...the replacement for the X100, due out early next year, will use it [the X-Trans CMOS sensor]..."

If true then that's great news, Fujifilm fans. The X-Pro1 compact system camera was the first to utilise Fujifilm's innovative colour array technology, and to bring that kind of ultra-sharp, top quality to the fixed-lens compact will be a jump forward.

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We do hope that Fujifilm will also focus on ensuring super-fast autofocus and tauter dials will also make it to the latest X200 model. If so, it sounds like it could already be clamouring for the position of best compact camera, er, ever.

Pocket-lint will be on hand to bring all the latest news from CES 2013, where we hope to get our hands on the as-yet-unconfirmed X200. Keep all eyes to the site in the new year.

Writing by Mike Lowe.