Fujifilm and British luxury luggage manufacturer Globe-Trotter have joined forces to create a swanky travel case and X-Pro1 camera package that takes the "limited edition" tag to its extreme. Exclusive to London's world-famous Harrods, only 12 of the cases will be available - each costing a staggering £5,695.

The cases each contain a Fujifilm X-Pro1, the company's one-and-a-half grand compact system camera, plus three lenses, flash and a filter. They are made of vulcanised fibreboard with brass rivets and locks and a tan leather trim, and manufactured by hand using original Victorian machinery at the Globe-Trotter factory in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

Each case also comes with an embossed leather "Harrods Exclusively" tag and brass plaque.

globe trotter fujifilm x pro1 case is harrods exclusive image 2

"When approached by Fujifilm to produce a bespoke limited-edition case for the X-Pro1, exclusively for Harrods, we were very excited," said Gary Bott, creative director at Globe-Trotter.

"The combination of a traditional suitcase with the X-Pro1 camera, a piece of modern technology at its finest, is something new and exciting for our heritage brand. As well as this, Harrods is one of our oldest customers, and it is where Queen Elizabeth II purchased her Globe-Trotter suitcases for her honeymoon, so it is always a pleasure to work with them."

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