Fujifilm has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will be selling, what we are calling an "exclusive exclusive", version of its X100 Black at Harrods to celebrate the launch of the store's new Technology Centre.

The new version of the Fujifilm X100 Black, first revealed at CES in January, will come in a limited-edition presentation box and come with a letter printed on stainless steel from Fujifilm.

Although Fujifilm has said that it will be making only 10,000 of the black X100 model, the Harrods edition, which - won't be any different apart from the box and the included letter - will be limited to just 16 sets.

Customers will be expected to pay £1,765 for the Harrods version, a premium of £466 for that box and letter over the standard black X100 set, when it goes on sale in the UK.

The Premium edition will include the black presentation box, X100 Black, lens hood, adapter ring and protector filter, as well as a bespoke black-and-red leather case.

Virtually identical to the hugely successful X100 from 2011, the Black edition does pretty much what it says on the tin by taking the case from a silver colour to all black.

According to Fujifilm, this was no mean feat, with the high-quality black metal used being very tricky to get all in the exact same shade.