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(Pocket-lint) - Fujifilm has now confirmed the full details for their new high-end compact system camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro1. 

The biggest differentiator about this new camera is the new 16-megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor. Not only is it bigger than most rival CSCs like those from the Olympus Pen line, but it features Fujifilm's EXR processing technology - carried over from their compact cameras - and a new filter array which claims to do away with moiré and false colours.

As such it is being pitched as a rival to DSLR cameras in terms of quality and Fujifilm tell us that they have developed the EXR Processor Pro to crunch the image data coming in from their so called X-Trans sensor. We're just happy that it has a bigger sensor, just like the newly announced Canon PowerShot G1 X

This being a compact system camera, however, you'll find a new mount in place, which Fujifilm are calling the X-Mount. There are three XF Fujinon lenses at launch, all prime lenses, and all fast lenses at 27, 53 and 90mm (equiv), which will retail for approx. $650 each.

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Of course the design of the X-Pro1 is beautifully retro, fitting the design of the X100 and also picking up the hybrid viewfinder technology that camera offered. It will allow you to view through the optical viewfinder and overlay information from the electronic viewfinder if you need more details as you compose your shot. 

Cleverly, the viewfinder will change to suit the lens you are using, which suggests that using lenses from other systems with this camera through adapters might be tricky.

But a retro look isn't all the X-Pro1 has on offer. It also uses some digital trickery to let you pull off multiple exposure shots (overlaying one shot on top of another) as well as being able to select old film styles - Astia, Provia and Velvia - as you can in some Fujifilm compacts.

With the price expected for be around $1700, this is a serious camera, so you'll be pleased to hear there are a run of accessories for it too - a hand grip, flash, leather case and filters.

We've got to hand it to Fujifilm. Having impressed us with bold moves in the form of the X10 and the X100, the X-Pro1 looks like camera that could be really popular with photo enthusiasts.

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Writing by Dan Sung.