Fujifilm, yes the camera company, has confirmed that it is to launch a beauty skincare product range in the new year.

In what might seem like a surprise move, the new Astalift skincare range will launch in France in February 2012 before rolling out to the UK, Germany and Spain later in the year.

Already big in China and Japan, the Astalift series of skincare productshas been developed by using the findings of collagen research, anti-oxidization technology and nano-technology accumulated over many years of research and development of photosensitive materials says Fujifilm.

Now for the science bit:

"Containing the skin-replenishing collagen and astaxanthin, an increasingly-popular skin conditioning agent approximately 1,000 times more powerful than the coenzyme Q10, the products have received overwhelming support from women who seek to maintain beauty of natural youthful skin since the launch in 2007."

According to Fujifilm, once again, we are talking about the camera company, the brand includes base makeup items that control light absorption and reflection; the products launched in Japan last September.