Fujifilm has decided you need a new camera and that the camera you need is the new FinePix Z900EXR.

A follow-on from the Fujifilm FinePix Z800EXR, the new FinePix Z900EXR comes in an “eye-catching high gloss finish” plus the usual array of technical goodies like a 16-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor and a 5x optical zoom (28-140mm (35mm equivalent)).

Why should you be excited? Well Fujifilm suggest that unlike conventional sensor designs where light has to pass through a layer of wiring before it reaches the photo diodes the BSI sensor here sees the wiring layer and photo diodes reversed so sensitivity is improved; a benefit that’s particularly obvious when shooting in low light conditions.

But it’s not just a clever sensor, oh no, you’ll also get Dynamic Range mode that takes two pictures and combines them to provide a range of up to 1600%, a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen to view everything on and swipe commands like two fingers to expand and reduce image size or simply swipe from side-to-side to scroll through your shots, iPhone-style.

Elsewhere there is the ability to shoot up to 3 frames per second at 16 megapixel resolution (not fantastic, but great for a compact), and a high speed video function that lets you shoot 320 frames per second to catch all those fast moving objects hurtling towards you when people realise their jealousy that you’ve got the Z900EXR and they haven’t. Video is saved as H.264 at 1080p.

The Fujifilm Finepix z900EXR key features:

-        16 megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor

-        5x optical zoom covering 28-140mm (35mm equivalent)

-        3.5 inch touch-screen LCD with Multi Touch functionality

-        Rich User Interface using Vector fonts/graphics and Flash animation

-        CMOS Shift Image Stabilisation

-        Up to ISO 6400

-        1600% wide dynamic range

-        High speed shooting up to 12 frames per second

-        Full HD movie capture using H.264 (MOV) format

-        Mini HDMI port

-        New EXR Auto mode featuring 27 scenes

-        360° Panorama mode

-         Available colours - Brilliant Black, Gloss Red, Hot Pink and Royal Blue.