Fujifilm has announced it is to stop production on two of its lines of film.

As the digital age continues to dominate the industry, lines of the company's specialist duplicating film, Fujichrome CDU II and its tungsten film Fujichrome T64 Professional have slowed down considerably.

This has led to them being discontinued, starting from April for the Fujichrome CDU II, and July for the T64.

Fujifilm’s product manager for Professional Film, Russ Gunn, explained the decision: "The market for duplicating film has been declining over recent years and sales of our tungsten film, T64 have also dropped-off".

"We must be realistic about the number of different films we carry to ensure our strong selling lines are protected".

He added: "We have decided to discontinue these two lines and concentrate our marketing efforts on the more popular lines in our pro film range".

The only other change to Fujifilm's range of professional films is the end of 24 exposure rolls of Neopan 400 135. However, the high-speed black and white film will continue to be available in 36 exposures and 120.

For further details on the Fujifilm range of professional film, head over to the Fujifilm website.