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(Pocket-lint) - When you think of action cameras, do you think of GoPro? Probably. Well, soon, you might think of a drone company instead.

DJI is rumoured to be working on an action cam as part of a plan to compete with GoPro. While the Chinese company is mainly known for producing unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), the company does have familiarity with cameras. Its drones, after all, are used for aerial photography. There's also the Osmo Pocket, a three-axis stabilized camera DJI released in late 2018.


DJI is reportedly going to use the Osmo Pocket camera (pictured above), but fitted with a wide lens as the basis for it new action cam, according to Twitter user @OsitaLV. Another Titter user, @AbuCelal, has even shared a purported image of the rumoured camera.

It remains to be seen if there's a market for a GoPro competitor. We suspect any interest in a DJI action camera will come down to price, and we have no idea what sort of price DJI is considering at this point. However, the Osmo Pocket sells for $350, and if that’s the basis for a DJI action cam, then it could cost at least $350. Keep in mind GoPro’s Hero 7 Black retails for $399.99.

@stevendish/@AbuCelalDJI image 2

Plus, as we said earlier, GoPro and action cameras are synonymous with each other. Could that be too much for DJI to overcome?

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.